Hi, I'm Stephen

Iā€™m a developer who cares more about the user than the code.

I work with startups to create web and mobile applications that help people do stuff.

Until recently I worked at Airsorted, building products that allow people to share their homes with the world, hassle-free.

Before that I worked at Squirrel, building a platform to help people be better with their money.

I'm moving to New York šŸŽ in September and I'm currently looking for new opportunities.

Iā€™m constantly learning new frameworks & technologies but at the moment Iā€™m focussing on:

(web and native)




If you are building something cool that aims to help people and need a (primarily) frontend dev who is passionate about product, feel free to give me a shout on info@flatsteve.com or AngelList.

If not, have a lovely day and cheers for stopping by šŸ˜.

P.S. no recruiters or agencies sorry, I won't reply - it's nothing personal.