Some apps I've built

I live in the UK - knowing if you are going to get wet is important, knowing the atmospheric pressure is not.

I designed and built this super simple weather app to quickly show me the things I care about and nothing else (and to learn the new React Context API).

  • Frontend React (> 16.3) progressive web app
  • Backend Node.JS (stdlib serverless functions)
  • Hosting Github Pages

I have this weird thing where I listen to white noise when concentrating on code reviews or when I'm stuck trying to understand how generators work for the tenth time. Also, I like to loop tracks with a driving beat when I'm "in the flow", programming.

I had been looking to check out Electron for sometime and needed an idea for an app to build, hence how my strange listening habits became a simple menu bar music player.

  • Tech Electron (ES6 JS)
  • Hosting Github releases & Electron Builder

Squirrel is a really awesome FinTech startup that helps people manage their money. I was second hire on the development team and led frontend development and UI design, working super closely with the product team.

At Squirrel I thrived in an environment where interaction with users was a daily activity, be that through interviews, prototype testing sessions or helping out on customer support.

  • Frontend AngularJS 1.x web and mobile app (Cordova)
  • Backend Python (Flask API)
  • Hosting/CI Circle CI, Docker, Digital Ocean

More coming soon...